The Adult Learners Institute Receives Grant from the 100 Women of Chelsea

by | Mar 4, 2023 | News/Archives

In mid-February, the 100 Women of Chelsea announced the award of a grant of $10,000 to the Adult Learners Institute. The generosity of the Women will allow ALI to not only keep its tuition for classes as low as possible but to increase the scope and impact of our classes by broadening our technological capabilities. While the Covid epidemic impacted our finances, it also taught us how to get better.  We bought audio-visual equipment as well as a Zoom membership that  enables us to offer hybrid in-person as well as Zoom classes. This allows us to accommodate shut-ins and others who cannot physically attend classes. We would also like to be able to record classes and make them available on line so that people can access them conveniently and also put together a mobile studio in order to control the quality of videos. 
This grant recognizes ALI’s commitment to the value of lifelong learning beyond the traditional classroom. It also challenges us to continue to respond to new  opportunities to reach more deeply into our communities.
For that ALI is grateful.

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