Wolves and War

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Announcements, News/Archives

Mustard gas, doughboys in rat-filled trenches, Verdun, Beaulieu Wood, Somme, attrition and “the war to end all wars”  On Monday, March 4,  Wendy Zielen will be using historical records and physical artifacts to illustrate the heroism and horrors of World War I, the so-called Great War. In her class Walking in our Grandfathers’ Footsteps  at Silver Maples, you will visit the places where they fought, how they fought, how they survived, and why they could never talk about it. This class enlightens and possibly sobers those who register for it.


In her class ,Wolf ethology 101 on Friday, March 8 at the Chelsea Senior Center, Ann Beyer takes on Little Red Riding Hood’s nemesis. Using videos of the wolves at Ely, Minnesota’s  International Wolf Center, she will show that wolf behavior can tell us much about human behavior.


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